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Browse Others - Games : 51-100 programs listed after popularity

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  • Premium Solitaire  51)   Premium Solitaire 1.0
    A new remake of favorite game for a big number of users. You can choose an appearance design according to your own taste. There are some original features: amusing sound effects, original bonuses and a Table Of Honour.

  • WolfColor  52)   WolfColor 1.2
    Utility for Return To Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory that enables you to very easily add color to your nickname by generating the command for you.

  • Jigetiser(tm) - Animals 2 Package  55)   Jigetiser(tm) - Animals 2 Package
    Professional computer jigsaw puzzles with marvelous motives for a fair price. Use them for your own pleasure, to delight your family and friends or as part of your company marketing campaigns.

  • Montys Game Pak  56)   Montys Game Pak 2.43
    From mazes to mahjongg to tetris and more. 22 challenging kidsafe games for all ages. This award winning game pak has something for everyone, test your brain with our strategy games or just waste some time with our matching block games.

  • Durak  57)   Durak 2.2.8
    Durak (Fool) limits the number of players to 6. The deck of 36 cards is shuffled, and each player receives 6 cards. The top card on the remaining deck is made visible and placed at the bottom of the deck across it (so that its denomination is seen).

  • Backyard Basketball  58)   Backyard Basketball
    Do you have what it takes to pound the boards and charge the net? Here's your chance to find out.

  • Draw5  60)   Draw5
    Draw Poker game with full card animation and voice prompts. Full animation of card deals and hold flags. True Color images

  • Saturday Night Speedway  61)   Saturday Night Speedway
    Get behind the wheel of the fastest and most dangerous dirt track vehicles in the world with the next generation of dirt track racing from Ratbag the developer behind Dirt Track Racing and World of Outlaws Sprintcars.

  • MB Free Fortune Cookie  63)   MB Free Fortune Cookie 1.75
    MB Free Fortune Cookie is an interesting software with a simple to use interface. The program is designed to predict your fortune for a particular day.

  • Rubber Bridge Tallies, Tallies  65)   Rubber Bridge Tallies, Tallies 1.0
    This program will print Rubber Bridge Tallies from 3 to 8 rounds and 2 to 22 tables. You will never play the same player more than once. The program was tested on an HP all-in-one printer.etc.

  • FEM-System MEANS  66)   FEM-System MEANS 6.05
    MEANS is a general purpose Finite Element program an is used in civil and mechanical engineering, research and development.

  • T-Minus Football Countdown  67)   T-Minus Football Countdown 6.0
    T-Minus Football Countdown Clock Looking forward to the game? Whether it's a Pop Warner, college or NFL game, now you can count down to kick-off!

  • xOthello for Pocket PC  68)   xOthello for Pocket PC 1.1
    Play classic game Othello and non-classic game Reverse-Othello. In Othello the winner is the one with more pieces. In reverse-othello the winner has least number of stones

  • Tetroku  69)   Tetroku 1.1
    Can you reach Tetroku? Strategically place falling blocks in this pulse racing Sudoku/Tetris hybrid game. Complete the grid of 81 squares to reach your goal - Tetroku!

  • Freddi Fish and Luther's Water Worries  70)   Freddi Fish and Luther's Water Worries
    Freddi Fish's finny friend Luther has plenty on his mind as he races to pop an ocean full of air bubbles that will lower the water level if they make it to the surface.

  • x3 Musketeers for Pocket PC  71)   x3 Musketeers for Pocket PC 9.1
    3 musketeers is an abstract strategy board game for two players. It uses the principal of unequal forces; the two players neither use the same types of pieces nor the same rules, and their victory conditions are different.

  • Card Match  72)   Card Match 2.0
    Compete against the computer as you try to match cards in this addictive memory game.

  • Vipers  73)   Vipers 2.1
    A multi-player arcade game. Quite simple but very addictive! The more players, the more fun. Non-violent play for children and adults. Many players, but no need for many connected computers. Play against friends or computer opponents.

  • MicroGolf Board (PalmOS)(HiRes)  74)   MicroGolf Board (PalmOS)(HiRes) 1.7.5
    MicroGolf is an add on "Board" for BOUNCIN'. Shoot the ball in the hole to progress to the next hole. Collect Gold Tees to earn bonus points. You are allowed 8 attempts, or "Strokes" to sink the ball in the hole.

  • ScrabbleScam  75)   ScrabbleScam 1.3
    Show all possible moves in a game of Scrabble in order of points scored. Type in the words already on the board, the seven tiles in the tray, and ScrabbleScam will list all possible moves, from a list of 170,000 words.

  • Putt Putt Goes to the Moon  76)   Putt Putt Goes to the Moon
    What if you landed in a strange place and had to get home? That's the challenge for Putt Putt and his friend Rover a lonely little lunar terrain vehicle left behind by astronauts.

  • ThinkTanks  77)   ThinkTanks 1.102
    A tank combat game that is a blast for the new and experienced gamer alike with lighthearted, fast paced pandemonium. Play solo against brain-hungry bots or go head-to-head against other online.

  • Moraff's RingJongg  78)   Moraff's RingJongg 1.1
    Moraff's RingJongg mahjong board is the most challenging of all of Moraff's mahjong games as it has the least amount of winnable games.

  • Bongo Boogie  79)   Bongo Boogie
    Brace yourself for your next addiction: Bongo Boogie.

  • Dirt Track Racing Pinball  80)   Dirt Track Racing Pinball
    Dirt Track Racing: Pinball brings together the essence of the popular Dirt Track Racing simulation games for intense tilt-and-bumper action.

  • Fun School  81)   Fun School 1
    When I was in school, end of the year awards were very strict--no funny business.

  • Checkers Challenge  82)   Checkers Challenge 1.0
    Either you need some training for your logic and strategic skills, or you are in need of some rest, this game will be a perfect pastime for you. Play with your computer or with your friends and enjoy multiple options, sound and animation effects.

  • Hey Macaroni  83)   Hey Macaroni 1.0.1
    Hey Macaroni includes sound and music spoofing the popular Macarena song and dance. Watch elbow macaroni dance and sing. This high quality screen saver has beautiful artwork, 3D rendered macaroni, and more.

  • Cue Club (EspaƱol)  84)   Cue Club (EspaƱol)
    Con una amplia variedad de juegos Bola 8 (8 Ball en Estados Unidos) Bola 8 (8 Ball en el Reino Unido) Bola 9 (9 Ball) Snooker Bola Rapida ('Speed Ball') 'Killer ' Jugador individual dos jugadores practicas 'slam' y dos modos de campeonatos Cue Club te ofrece:
    Mesas tacos y grupos de bolas personalizadas.

  • Lugaru  85)   Lugaru v1.03
    Turner is an anthropomorphic bunny rabbit with impressive combat skills. Raiders have killed his family, and now he wants revenge! Lead Turner as he tracks down the killers, uncovering conspiracies involving the highest levels of the rabbit kingdom.

  • Tennis Masters Series (EspaƱol)  86)   Tennis Masters Series (EspaƱol)
    Reta a los mejores jugadores del mundo participando en el torneo mas prestigioso de la ATP el Tennis Master Series.
    Da la vuelta al mundo y juega los 9 torneos rigurosamente reproducidos del Master Series viajando por Miami Toronto Indian Wells Cincinnati Monte Carlo Roma Hamburg Madrid y ParĆ­s.
    Prueba tu habilidad con un sistema de control muy intuitivo: 4 estilos diferentes a la hora de golpear (power top spin slice flat & lob) que podrƔs combinar con mƔs de 60 movimientos accesibles durante un juego determinado.

  • Stake Hunt Screengamer  87)   Stake Hunt Screengamer 1.0
    A screengamer is a screensaver and game combined in one. Take control of the vampire bat and use your stake to stab the ghoulish creatures on your desktop in a splat of blood. Collect all of the blood drops to advance to the next level.

  • Boggle  88)   Boggle
    Boggle is the three-minute fast-paced word search game that everyone in the family can play together.

  • Slingo  89)   Slingo
    Slingo is a game that combines elements of Bingo and the slot machines.

  • Scalez - Linux  90)   Scalez - Linux 1.0
    Skalez, The BALANCING PUZZLE GAME. It's a balancing act. Linux version. This shareware game let's you balance the scales! Using skill keep the balance even without toppling! Great sound and graphics will keep you on your toes!

  • G-TOK (EspaƱol)  91)   G-TOK (EspaƱol)
    Viaja explosivamente de planeta en planeta con ambientes extremos e intrusos extraterrestes.

  • XO  92)   XO 9.1.0
    The XO is collection of classic and non-classic board games as checkers, shashki , international checkers, gomoku, renju, pente, connectris, othello, ataxx, barrier, stack4, clobber, entropy, Cats and Dogs, LOA, 3 Musketeers and more.

  • Tough Trucks: Modified Monsters  93)   Tough Trucks: Modified Monsters
    In Activision Value Publishing's Tough Trucks climb into the driver's seat of an outrageous pumped-up 4x4 and see if you can turn this right-off-the-lot machine into a genuine Modified Monster.

  • Paradox  94)   Paradox 1.0
    This ebook contains logic puzzles and brainteasers accumulated over the years from books, via the Internet and from friends and strangers.It will stimulate the lazy mind and give the reader a sense of self satisfaction after the puzzle is solved.

  • Pocket PC Tangrams  95)   Pocket PC Tangrams 1.0
    Pocket PC Tangrams is a Pocket PC version of the popular puzzle game "Tangrams". It contains over 250 puzzles. Using stylus, you can manipulate the pieces very easily just as manipulating tangible pieces with your hand. A must-have game for your PPC.

  • Xbox Cheat Codes Ebook  96)   Xbox Cheat Codes Ebook 0505
    This is a collection of Xbox cheat codes, hints and tips in the form of an e-book. The full version contains the cheat codes, hints and tips for over 300 games. It is useful if you would like to keep all the cheats, tips and hints under one file.

  • Street Legal Racing Redline  97)   Street Legal Racing Redline
    The streets come alive after the sun goes down and you're behind the wheel of a high octane super charged import that takes no prisoners.

  • Good Old Sudoku  98)   Good Old Sudoku 1.0
    The most popular logic puzzle in Japan. The rules are simple. Each row, column and minibox comprises the numbers 1 through 9. The solver must complete the missing numbers. Sudoku is recommended by some teachers as an exercise in logical reasoning.

  • Skyracer Impulse  99)   Skyracer Impulse
    Skyracer is a futuristic thrill ride featuring Hovercraft racing.

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